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Let's Celebrate Farm to Summer Week!

June 22–26, 2020, is Farm to Summer (F2Summer) Week in California. F2Summer Week is dedicated to celebrating California’s abundant agriculture by serving locally sourced foods and engaging children in agriculture-based education or enrichment activities. Ontario-Montclair School District Food & Nutrition Services will be celebrating by serving local farm-fresh strawberries on Wednesday, June 24, and sweet summer peaches on Friday, June 26. Farm to Summer Week is the perfect time to have children learn about and try California produce!


Nutrition Worksheets to Share with Your Child or Student: 

 - Strawberry Nutrition Fact Sheet English

 - Strawberry Nutrition Fact Sheet Spanish

 - Peach Nutrition Fact Sheet English

 - Peach Nutrition Fact Sheet Spanish

 - Fun Farm Word Search Activity Sheet

 - Fun Farm Word Search Answer Key

June 22 -26, 2020.png